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    Nice one Guido,

    Actually a big fan of Airwindows, I use Density/drive/PurestGain/BitshiftGain a “lot”,I really like that there isn’t a GUI though on their plugins.

    I’ll have to check out their tape emulation plugins, have a lot of faith in Airwindows stuff.

    So, I hear of people using saturation instead of compression. For an acoustic only track for instance, would this be the way to go? I understand it rounds off some of the transients but have no idea how it knows where these transients are as there is no threshold setting in any of the saturation plugins I have used. This is partly why I am getting confused as I don't really know what it is doing to the audio, and don’t know of any practical application for it, I don’t want to feel like I am missing out on some sort of technique that could make my life a lot easier.

    I remember using saturation on an acoustic instrumental song in the past that I did, but then had to use an exciter to add some high end back in again, granted I don’t really know what the hell I doing with it. I know it sounds strange but I am having an easier time mixing a dense Pop song than I am mixing a sparse 5track acoustic instrumental. I was wondering if saturation could help me get there for more transparent results, I’m not even sure if that is what I want, is it the norm to compress acoustic instrumental songs or not? This question is not directly aimed at you Guido, don’t feel obliged to get back to me on all of this because am rambling/getting sidetracked on original question.

    Also, will reply to you on the other topic I made in other section, but might not be able to tonight because babysitting duties tonight, but you will get a response mate, thanks for great post, it really helped me out.


    Edit: if saturation helps to smooth a mix out (get rid of harshness) then this is great information for me as (harsh)is my worst enemy. Especially recording my steel string acoustic guitar!

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