Academy Dashboard Forum Production Recording Techniques Does anyone here suffer with annoying guitar resonances? Reply To: Does anyone here suffer with annoying guitar resonances?


    Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, but I'm hearing a particular harshness at exactly 10khz, so I cut as much as possible there, and then from memory I tried to clean it up at 5150hz I think? cutting those 2 areas with narrow surgical EQ helped but the guitar just got too dark.....

    I'm not at all opposed to recording the part again though! I just didn't want to record all parts again then be left in the same situation, I was wondering if someone here has stumbled across this problem before and could tell me what is wrong and what I can do to help, haha. I think I need to either work on mic technique, and dampening down the guitar maybe? with some kind of cloth. I am already taking the room out of the equation by recording inside duvets which gets rid of all room (to my ears) so I'm pretty sure it's not a room resonance. Maybe I got a dud guitar? might need to do some work to it? I'm so lost on this one.

    Hey, thanks for spending time on trying some of your processes on the guitar recording, it means a lot! I really didn't expect you to, thanks mate.