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Andrew Mckenzie

    Yep, I spend a good deal of time "preparing" a session to be mixed before actually touching any faders. Usually if importing tracks, I'll gain stage them to about -10 with all faders at zero and around -20 for softer supporting tracks.
    Then I will colour code, organise in groups and add sub buses for each group and for similar multiple instruments and set the panning for any stereo tracks. Normally I would setup a master sub for the drums, guitars, keys, vox and any other groups of instruments and then include sub buses within those for things like kick, snare, backing vox, lead vox etc.
    Once all the prep has been done then I will save a copy of that session with a GS notation at the end (for Gain Staged) so I can always come back to it if I screw up the mix later on.

    After that it would be similar to most others above I think, initial HPF, EQ, panning, levels, Comp, EQ, Master Bus Comp, Verb, other effects and maybe some light mastering with some gentle EQ, Compression and finally into a limiter just to avoid any clipping and to wind it up a little if it needs it.

    Then off to the car to have a listen 🙂 and any other system I can reference it with...ear buds...headphones..etc

    Hope that makes sense.