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    I am one of those people that likes to try to leave the faders near to unity as much as possible by using Airwindows Purest gain (the cleanest gain that I am aware of) as last insert in chain, but try to maintain the -12dbfs all the way up to it unless a guitar plugin or some type of emulation plugin calls for a hot signal, but generally Inwill immediately turn it back down to -12 peaks again as soon as I can. I like working this way because generally by the time I mix every track in together my mix bus is peaking around -6 which gives me a couple decibels freedom for riding and A few spare for mastering.

    But the tracks for Love Me I'm Rich, the song I think you are talking about are perfect for mixing IMO, I normally have to do quite a bit of gain staging for all warrens other tracks so I'm going to assume he already did this for us off screen.