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Steve A

    In general yes, but finding a U47 style mic has had me searching for over 6 months, this is not (at least for me) an easy thing to accomplish, there is a reason a vintage original goes for 15k ...15k? ..lolz..
    And I've picked one out of many, many blind tests, every time! I don't think anyone has, or ever will build one that sounds as distinctive as the original.
    However, I do think people have produced fantastic mics that are distinctive on their own.
    The Pearlman TM1 being one of them to my ears, out of a lot of mics in that price range, I think it gets that whole 'lively' and '3D' thing right.
    Again, my opinion, some people think it sounds like crap, I don't happen to be one of them.
    I just haven't built up enough gumption (or cash) to pull the trigger on one.
    (gotta remember, that's a cardiod (and omni?) only)
    Hope that helps? ..lolz..