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Jeff Macdonald

    What does muting the mic do to the drum sound? I have a hate-hate relationship with over the shoulder mics. I have tried many times to get them to work and they just create a phasey mess for me. I understand they are supposed to get the 'drummers perspective' but they tend to just muddy things up and add very little. For context though, I get my drum sound from the OH and Room Mics predominantly.

    If you are set on using it, I would check the phase of that channel and line it up with the overheads, as a start. You might be getting some weird stuff going on there, especially if it wasn't measured off in phase to the snare. Maybe dig some 2-4k out of it and roll it off at 80hz to get the kick out of it. Then if it's still too bright you can back some 5-7k out of it. This is just some ball park stuff to try. But when it doubt, leave it out 😉