Hey Sam and PLP guys, I have a couple questions about recording my bass with a DAW I've done it a bunch but with good engineers in proper rooms. I thought editing wave forms was a major drag. Now It's growing on me. My 1st problem is that I am unhappy with all pre amp I own. I recorded in my home with two stand alone Daws and had good success. What is deferent about computer based systems? I have a Focusrite Trackmaster platinum. I don't like it. I have a Systemic 302 mic pre and a couple of matching Eqs. I have an Art 2 channel M Pre ( like the metal guy you interviewed has, That sounds the best it uses two 12ax or at7s. I have a two ten bag end cab with a coax style horn and a bunch of different mikes. I power that cab with either a Eden world traveler or an Ashton amp. Some times that sounds great. I am using a pair of Yamaha TRB 6 strings. Maple, Neck-through, active, Ebony boards, pretty far cry from a Jazz or P bass. Yet One with frets is voiced closer to a P and the other is fretless and sounds more like a Jazz I asked for this when they rebuilt them for me I thought they got them close until I met guys who knew what they were listening to. That's all you PLAP guys. Is there a difference other than an extra gain stage with an active bass? Should I be pre-amping the preamp? I have to make these guys sound good. They are for many reasons my only option. Any mike pre or pre amp settings or suggestions would be great! I have a bass pod or two around here Tony uses the rack mount one mine look like bean pods. I have never warmed to them but I'm pretty sure I don't have an ear for them . Tony's tracks sit in the mix great. If I run separate outputs when I am using that pod deal, do I still have to worry about phasing or other image problems? Ok I am burnt thanks you guys, You are the best! Joseph, Cheers