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Warren Huart

    Great topic! For me at first it was all hustle!! I went to shows and talked to bands and asked them to record, if they had a budget then great but most of the time they don;t so I choose the ands I liked! I recorded in my apartment in Silverlake on a Soundtracs Topaz and 2 ADATS! I had an AKG C3000 and a few cheap dynamic mics and one very cheap compressor! I recorded full bands spread around the apartment, live drums in the front room, bass in the corridor, guitar in the bathroom and vocals in the closet! It was a lot of work but I made it work! Now with the advent of the internet I tend to encourage people t pit themselves out there, create a website, a Facebook page, instagram, that coupled with a lot of hustle finding artists and doing great work will create a buzz! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren