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Lem Meador

    Thanks, Guido. Good idea. I have thought about bouncing my tracks with initial changes as a work around, but, so far, my laptop has enough power to do everything that I need while mixing, so haven't used any initial bounces. The one thing that it doesn't do very well is provide the modified sound in real time while tracking for monitoring. It is possible to track with plugins in Logic, and I have tried it two or three times, but the latency is usually unacceptable to my clients. Even with Logic in Low Latency mode, they still complain. That's one of the advantages of using a system like the Universal Audio system or the Digigrid system from Waves: you can use a lot of processing in real time because the DSP in the interface handles all of that real time processing, eliminating the latency in the DAW and the computer. Main stream bands are starting to use these systems for Front of House mixes as well as monitoring. It's all getting very interesting. Thanks for the suggestions. Also, very much appreciate all that you are doing to support the Academy.