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    The main issue with the UAD and Slate Digital Counterparts is that the hardware emulation is always going to take place after conversion. the question is, do you need compression / EQ / transformers / tubes etc before Analogue to Digital conversion?

    You can make argument that the dynamic range is so great now on modern converters, you have more than enough space, to facilitate 'virtual tracking' inside the box. However that is dependent on your input signal chain being clean enough to match the generous headroom that comes with modern converters. Real time 'virtual tracking' is also latency dependent. Your PC / MAC has to be able match the performance requirements with a high level of reliability (a lot to ask of the average PC).

    On the other hand, outboard gear is very expensive. 16 channels of quality outboard preamp, EQ, compression is going to set you back a penny or two. Allen and Heath mixes are extremely competitive for the price and worth looking into. In America, Warm Audio products are so cheap, they're almost a no-brainer (not so clear cut, here in Europe). The other option is to build your own gear. I know several Academy members who do.

    The simple truth is, no one knows right now because we're on the cusp of it changing. Hardware emulation is almost certainly the way of the future, but it's not quite here yet. ...yet. 😉


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