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    how much is your time worth?
    do you want the project...are you exited by the band
    i did a band for free once because when i went to see them live i wanted to by there album and they didnt have one
    that was 10 years ago and they have been my best clients since
    i did a favor for another band gave them mixing for free rented drums guitars to help with the tracking...was not the best experience
    i finally figured out people will only value something they have a little blood and sweat in
    my day job is concrete finishing
    so i will charge enough to cover what your day job does for overtime (how long have you been turning around your plap mixes?im logging maybe 6 hours before i post for feedback)
    if you like the project cut them a deal
    in peak season i wont do anything for less then 60 bucks an hour that is what my contract says for any thing over an 10 hour shift only during summer(you will be working after work)
    most winters i have off or very light duty just my hourly rate is 30 to 20 for the good guy price im a sucker for a sob story
    or if i want it free
    basicly i have a prices that reflect if i want the job(this is how contractors bid jobs around here for construction)
    when busy or the job is gonna be a pain in the ass ...well it will have to be worth your while...when things get slow prices will drop

    im sure this is not that helpful to you but im not feeding my family with this so i dont have to depend on the studio