Arthur Labus

    Cathing up the mixes ...

    CHRIS: mix2 - pretty perfect as excepted. Like the kick in particular. Sometimes, there is a bit too much hard panned electric guitars for my taste. It makes whole song mostly right leaning when it appears. It seems like you only panned hard 🙂 Yeah, Chris Sweet in "Pan Hard II" 😉 Great work ! I mean your mix ...

    KIP: Whoa, lot of saturation, very rich mix. It is warm and rusty 🙂 Love the density here. Nice panning edits. Well done Kip !

    ANDY: Lot of reverb on vocal but i like it ! Also very dense ambience. Maybe the acoustic guitars are bit too upfront sometimes - i mean that "harder" way to play. Anyway great mix Andy !

    TOM: Sounds great ! Love the edits in "breakdown". Could be mine LOL. Great mix Tom !