Like the guitar work... 'de-greendays' the intro a touch. Drums in pre chorus - really good.

    Vox is a little 'brittle' in the first verse.

    The mix feels very fizzy + bright.

    Production decisions are all cool. Like those left/right vocal FXs in the breakdown

    Yep... cymbals are competing with the vocals in the final choruses...

    Feels a little top end - very bright.

    Other than that - great mix! Like all the choices. Energy is great. Really interesting use of drums and bass to change the 'shape' of the song. I'd dial back the top end a touch*

    *I am still getting used to my new monitor speakers - so I'm 100% on where my frequencies are right now. ...maybe I left them behind the sofa... under some magazines... maybe Enzo stole them and buried them?!