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Rich Westphal

    Hi kellyman,,,
    Your using as an interface correct ? Studio One will not see an interface as a Keyboard.

    You want to choose it as Studio One's Interface, it can only use one at a time... Only one interface is a system thing..
    Studio One in the menu up top. on the Start page
    Click Options, then Click on the Audio Set Up Icon
    You should see your interface selected. If not click that drop down menu, and Choose your Zoom R8. It should show if install was correct.
    If it does not show in that menu, then we would need to check you Windows system and make sure it is marked as "Ready" for Input and Output.
    Output selected only if you have Studio(external) Monitors. Otherwise your output will be your internal soundcard.

    Interface Selection for Studio One

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    I replied with a helpful group on facebook, which you can join.
    But I think you missed it. It was on your other post. I'll post it below..

    It's really best group for new users of Studio One. As well as Transitioning DAW users.
    We help with all things Studio One related, including interfaces and OS help to get Studio One up and running for you.
    There's more than just that as well,,, Any question from install, Getting around in Studio One, Recording, Mixing to Master.
    Post any time, day or night, and you will get help from members like yourself, that are familiar with Studio One.
    I help Admin the group as well,,, great group of people and more help than you thought existed,,, no such thing as a stupid question there…

    Here's the group
    HST Studio One Support Group

    For midi control:
    You would need midi control to use the Zoom R8 as controller for Transport functions. I'm not sure if the ZoomR8 has midi.
    But once we get it running as your interface and you up and Running with Studio One, we can look into the use as a midi controller.

    Hope this helps, and join that group.
    There are so many users from beginner to advanced there. Ready to help and share with other Studio One users..

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    Talk to you soon !