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Andrew Mckenzie

    Wow that question is like asking how long is a piece of string 🙂

    I think no matter whether you are buying a PC or a Mac, try to get as much memory as you can afford and the fastest CPU along with it. The biggest improvement that I have noticed comes with SSD hard drives, yes you really shouldn't be using traditional spinning hard drives if at all possible, except for data storage.

    Don't think it really matters which DAW you use, they will all benefit from a decent spec machine. As a rough guide for a PC, I would aim for an i7 CPU with at least 16GB of memory and at least one SSD (even better to use more than one).

    If your a geek like me and hate too much noise (and have some money to burn), then look at a water cooling system as it really does reduce the noise in a quiet environment.

    Having said all that, I also track and mix using a moderate spec laptop with 8GB of memory and an SSD HDD as well, depends on your DAW and how much processing and tracks etc... you plan on dealing with.

    I'm sure there are plenty of others that can chime in and provide some more direction if you still need more info.