Love the detail on the guitar in the intro. Really nice 'breath' to the vocal in the reverb. ..maybe gets lost / clashes a touch, when the mix gets busier. Feature it or lose it in the busier parts - but I love the FX - really subtle work!

    Feels like we're all struggling to get the choruses to drive in. I know I did.

    The EQ has a really natural feel to it. Lot of years of experience at work there. Pleasure to listen to 🙂

    Mix feels a touch 'Collapsed' in on itself. Which I find always happens on Soundcloud. I've taken to working almost too much space into the mix, so it comes together after the Psychoacoustic-Shenanigans uploading to Soundcloud.

    Feels like that's the main issue here. The Soundcloud conversion has brought the mix in on itself too much. Fabfilter Pro Q middle / side option is very useful for opening up space in a mix.

    Great stuff! V. enjoyable!