Uh Oh.. the usual brand of lunacy...

    Plugins Abused

    FabFilter Pro Q
    Waves MV2
    UAD Vertigo Blue compressor (Çan never remember the name)
    UAD Studer A800
    UAD BX Sat V2 ('cos I need it for overheads or I'm screeeewed!)
    Fabfilter Pro-R

    Fabfilter Pro L

    Lessons Learned

    1. You don't need fancy plugins for technical mixing... but they do save a lot of time.
    2. Creative mixing is tough without a bunch of FXs to mangle/mess/warp stuff.
    3. Echoboy is awesome.
    4. No, really Echoboy is awesome.
    5. You can never have too many types of saturation.
    6. I can't leave things alone. I have mess with them.
    8. I also can't count (see). I used Fabfilter Multiband as well. (Not my fault! I'm Dyslexic! On lots of drugs!)
    9. I also cheat. I used Eventide Precision Time Align to Align the Drums. But Cubase won't align in samples which is stupid!
    10. Follow Little Empire on Spotify, 'cos they're awesome : https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Gdu2C3n9s4Wu7554mFpKL