Maurice Beekman

    Thanks tgmix and Kip for taking the time listening! Very valuable to me. I often can hear the problems, but i'm not skilled enough to know how to fix them.
    I agree on your points and i will look into those in the second version. The problem with only 7 plugins is that i couldn't use a second EQ for tweaking in more detail. The Slate EQ is nice but not for the details. I have to think wich plugin i'm going to switch for a second EQ. I think the Stereo enhancer because i can work on the stereo field as you suggest. I did use the DBX on the snare as it gets that more aggressive attack out of it. I didn't hear the issues on the snare (except a bit loud) but i'm gonna listen to it in more detail. I'll do some fader riding to get the vocals out more in the mix as they indeed seem to dissapear in some parts.
    Well back the to my DAW as i have only two days left before a have to catch a plane.