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Guido tum Suden

    Thank you both,

    The drum heads are Remo Emperor, so, yes. There's already on piece of Sky Gel on every tom and two on the snare drum.

    Two more questions (at the moment 🙂
    – Is the room sound okay? Is it so good as to use it on all accounts? I'm asking, because I'm calculating how much cable I have to buy. I can certainly use the mics I borrowed all the time because we'll only need them at school once a year. OTOH maybe a few extra meters are not bad, so I can change the placing whenever I want.
    I just hung the once I used 5" from the ceiling so they are not in the way and I don't have to use stands.

    – I used ORTF on the overheads, so I have no phase issues and I rather like the sound. But then I could just pick up the cymbals with the overheads to have less bleed and add more room sound for the overall sound. What would you do in my case?