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Jeff Macdonald

    Hey Guido,

    These drums sound good. You got a great stereo image. Isn't it fun trying to record yourself while watching 14+ channels to make sure you have good levels and aren't clipping channels? haha

    I am quite impressed with the Lewitt tom mics, I may have to check those out myself.

    The only real thing that stood out to me was the abundance of snare wire in the bottom snare mic. This is just a personal preference thing, but I always try to get a bit more body out of my bottom snare mic and try to avoid pointing it at the snare wires. Again this could be just the result of recording it hot and leaving faders at 0. I would hazard a guess that if that fader were backed off on the bottom snare mic the snare wires would blend quite nicely.

    I think you achieved an excellent and clean drum sound that should mix really well into anything.

    I have an ECM8000 that is collecting dust that I might have to try as a room mic after hearing your flur mic.