Chris dropping the science knowledge bombs on us - boom!

    Rev2: Guitar tone is great. Like the stereo placement. Vocals have a nice 'raspy' / 'breathy' feel to them. Drums are deep and full (like chocolate hippos).

    Enough going on in the centre at the beginning of Verse 2? Maybe / Maybe not.

    Vocal blend is great in the choruses.

    Are the vocals a touch too upfront at the beginning of the breakdown? (after 2nd chorus)

    Once again, your choruses are f*cking great! Like the hits in the outro - nice. Oooo... guitar sustain FX at the end (ala Spinal Tap - niiiiiiiice)

    Beginning or the 2nd verse and beginning of the Breakdown - not 100% sure. Everything else is really, really very good.

    I think 2nd verses are your kryptonite. Tends to be there, you have your problems.

    ...I use 'problem' in a relative sense. The problem areas of your mixes, are better than the best parts, of most other people's mixes.