Nice and loud 🙂 Guitars are bright and upfront. Kick is nice and thumpy (technical term).

    Blend on the guitars is nice as the chorus hits (no idea how I'm working that yet).

    Would like a little auto / fax to bring out the dynamics of the vocals in the 2nd verse - but the overall feel is very good.

    Snare can feel a little blunt/flat in places - but again - the overall feel is very good.

    Dynamics in general, the mix feels very pushed.

    More detail in the outro from the guitar would be good - to bring out the different guitars.

    Devil's in the detail with this one. The overall mix is right where it should be. Feels like it could do with some EQ auto to bring out the separate guitars more. Maybe the snare is being masked in places..? It just those little finishing touches for me. Very solid job. Good strong mix.