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    honestly now days we can do so much after the fact it is probably best to capture clean
    after that id take sample of the single hits and 1 more of some destroyed pres getting crushed (i use a sca neve clone (cranked in to clip on hard hits) where the drummer gives me a medium hit ..thick sound)
    that way you can blend with your drummers performance
    if you dont have overpriced unnecessary mic pres no problem just take those single hits and use waves/slate /whatever plugin and do the same thing
    on the spl pre ...i have had good success with a UA m610 (its tube) on mono overhead
    i try to thing about gear like this any thing that has transformers will slow down a wave form(lower frequencies pass more easily than higher) this can be an advantage when you get shrill guitars cymbal bashers ect.
    dont get me wrong mic placement is more important but if you only had a cheap mackie or a tube console from the 50's you would still be able to do the job moving my opinion...which is sort of shit