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Kevin Coulter

    There are a bunch of us already on the Darkside. My only DAW after doing some pretty deep analysis. I know ProTools is the industry standard, but the pricing, and cost for add-ons, and tools is pretty steep for my budget.

    Right now I'm using Slate plug-ins with the standard default plugins. I try to us the default plugins for just about everything to see how creative I can get with them. I'll use Slate for the Master Bus on my final mixes.

    Check out the following for some of the best tips and walk throughs on YouTube:
    Kenny Gioia on ReaperMania - award winning Producer/Engineer from NY. I find his vids are some of the best. He does a whole walkthrough around navigation, keystroke shortcuts, quantizing, folders, buses, routing, etc.

    ReaperTV - Paul C of Suicide Evolution Studios - I find he does a lot around themes, customization, plugins, and some thing you may or may not notice around the Reaper interface.

    Reaper Blog - Jon Tidy from Canada- this was actually one of the first Reaper Youtube channels I followed. Again, some good indepth stuff here. He's a little laid back, but he shows some pretty good stuff especially around routing, customization, etc.

    They all have some great stuff around use of plug-ins, some of their favorite plug-ins, FX busing, folder management, etc.

    There are many others out there. One of the things I like most about Reaper is the community is very strong, helpful, and, for the most part, stays pretty positive.

    Have fun!