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Patrick Schindler

    Yeah, using a compressor with high pass filter in the side-chain is what I do to avoid this issue. The difference to a multi-band compressor is, that the frequencies below the cut off will be compressed as well, they just do not trigger the compressor.

    The cut off frequency will of course depend a lot on the track and how steep the filters are, but I usually tend to land somewhere between 90 and 200 HZ.

    I actually almost angers me when there are modern plugins that do not offer side-chain filtering, just because the original hardware unit they try to emulate did not have this either. Same goes for mix knobs and to a lesser extend external side-chain. That's my morning rant done...

    If you do not have a decent compressor with side-chain filter for bus compression duties, here is a great free one:

    Two other great options for very small money are the great MJUC and it's older brother DC8C. MJUC can be really great on the master bus, but being a Vari-Mu type compressor emulation, it's does not really do punchy like an SSL Bus Compressor, a Focusrite Red and other VCA would do. DC8C is probably one of the most versatile compressors out there, together with u-he Presswerk and comes in even a little cheaper than the already increadibly affordable MJUC. If I could only have two compressor plugins, it would be DC8C and MJUC.

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