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Jeff Macdonald

    That is a really nice kit! I think you will be very happy with that. The Paiste 2002 cymbals are really nice. What kind of music are you normally recording? I have always found crashes over 18" to be too large to record, as they sustain for far too long. But again, that's just a personal taste thing, but you can't go wrong with Paiste 2002 especially for hats and rides.

    I don't think vocals would upset a drum kit that much, but guitar and bass amps certainly will. For vocals a heavy blanket would be more than ideal I would imagine.

    I'll see if I can track down some metric conversions for you. The best cables I have found for the price are Digiflex - but they are a Canadian manufacturer so I am unsure of their availability in Europe - the NK2/6 cable they manufacture is on-par with Mogami cable and they use Neutrik XLRs for all the connectors and are about $1CAD per foot for assembled cables, it gets considerably cheaper if you buy bulk cable and make your own as well.

    The Lewitt mics do look excellent! I am going to have to try those out at some point soon.

    The Oktava mod I have is from an old Recording magazine, I will track it down tonight and scan it for you. The mod doesn't seem to be floating around on the net anymore as there are too many people making money from it.