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Guido tum Suden

    That's an interesting option too.
    I think the quality of the pres is somewhat important here, or maybe not, since there is the question if anybody can hear the difference in the final mix.
    Let's say we've got low-budget, mid-class and high-end …

    I'd guess that the latest StudioLive and the Clarett are mid-class.
    I also think, high-end is too expensive for me. I guess I will want to track drums with 14 channels soon.
    14 pres + interface would be around 4000 $, if not more.
    A high-end interface with 8 or 16 mic pres is way too expensive. You can see that most high-end interfaces are meant to be used with a mixing console.

    The Clarett is < 1000 $, the MOTU 8M is > 1500 $, but is the sound really that much better, if any?

    I'm also thinking about putting the interfaces in the recording room. That would mean around 100 m less XLR cable.
    This again could point to the MOTU with the AVB interface for future connections.