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Chris Sweet

    I would go with the TB Clarett, that way you've got a foot in the future. Once you upgrade your mac, the TB has remarkably less latency, and you can slave the MOTU over ADAT. You're right, adat and spdif are protocols that can run over RCA or toslink (optical).

    I'm in a similar boat, and the way I've been approaching it is this...instead of a console, I've been investing in 500 series preamps (CAPI specifically). They're affordable (especially if you can DIY) and sound as good as anything you'll ever need. It's the conversion tech that'll change, but I'd like to make my front end future-proof. So I'm buying analog pre's and will eventually get a sufficient amount of conversion (i'm in the UAD world so I'm going to get the apollo 16 when money allows, but there are more affordable options). While this approach will cost you more money in the immediate future, you'll know you're investing in the last front end you'll ever need, and you can upgrade convertors as tech advances. And because it's modular you can expand it as money allows. Just my $.02.