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John Gleason

    Generally, distortion in tube circuits usually comes from over-driving the tube rather than a problem with the tube itself (ringing would probably be the tube). That said, you should really have good quality spare tubes on hand for any tube devices you have (not always available on short notice!). (Price makes a difference on tubes -- the older (new or used) tubes often sound better and command a higher price. Try but always pay extra for the balanced triodes, low noise and microphonics testing for preamp tubes, if available.)

    I would look first at the microphone and the singer's mic technique. If she was too close to the mic during that loud high note that would cause distortion in the mic and/or the preamp.

    If the singer is available to help you could ask her to sing into several different microphones using different pres (if you have others) to help you isolate the problem.

    Best of luck!