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    You are welcome Mr. Produce Like A Pro Big promotional Ar*sehole! 😉 Its always good to promote this fantastic band! I think the whole PLAPA community loves them! I do anyway...

    You never ask for a mix review but you get one here anyway!..hope you don't mind;-)

    Lots a subs here in my living room! Maybe a snippet to much to my taste, I don't know I don't have a perfect room or hearing but anyway.. Nice featured riff guitar before the last chorus, and I think you're mix really come alive from there. It´s great how the guitar riff comes first and then the tambourine/ claps and then the outro is genius! I would try to make thats kind of scenery changes all thru the song. I think what I´m saying is that I want that clarity and focus all thru the song on different instruments. Maybe you can find a sweetspot for the lead vocal thats stays present (I think its a little bit to low volume now, or just lack clarity) and feature the different instrumental melodies when it needs to? I really like that verb and overall feeling of you're mix Tobi! Keep up the promo work and indeed a great mix! Well done Tobi! 🙂