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Jim Folzman

    New member here, and I'm jumping in on this thread because it's the closest to what I'm looking for after searching.

    I've been playing drums for almost 40 years. I play other instruments as well, but drums are my favorite thing to play. My recording projects consist primarily of songs I write and record for myself, but I don't have the resources or space to have my drums present for recording, nor do I have the mics to get them mic'd up. So I've tried several methods for programming drums, from Fruity Loops to demos of different drum VST plugins, and I'm always disappointed with the end result. It's usually because the interface is either too limiting, or it's so convoluted to get things to sound like I want. Finances prohibit me from going out and getting something like Superior Drummer and a Roland kit to trigger it from. I've heard some amazingly life-like programmed drums here and other places, and I'm on a quest to find the right solution for my recordings. Arthur Labus, I've listened to some of your recordings and I'm impressed with the drums.