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Jeff Macdonald

    I'll jump on board with this as well. I think this could create an excellent lesson, but more importantly lots of discussion, as I feel there will be many different opinions on the matter.

    I have been musing about the subject a lot lately and considerably more after both watching that series with Enrique and funny enough reading the Daily Adventures of Mixerman (which, if you haven't read I would highly suggest).

    I'd be really interested in hearing from Warren about how much 'name' mixers have effected the Radio-rock scene. It really appears from both reading accounts of it and listing to top-40 rock radio there is a relatively homogeneous 'rock-sound' and 'county-sound'. From some accounts I have come across is supposedly very far from what is delivered to the mixer. From this particular account the claim was made that regardless of what is present to some mixers it is treated in a fashion that allows the mixer to put a sonic stamp on it, which is understandable, because I can't see the point of paying someone A-List Mixer rates to push faders around to automate a song that was recorded as it was intended to be released.

    With that said, I wonder which path many producers are taking, are they committing more sounds to tape to tie the hands of the mixer so their sound makes it to master, or are they just worrying about performance and song structure to allow the mixer free reign on the sound of the record through sample replacement and augmentation? Or are they recording albums with the knowledge of who might mix it and are providing them something that will fit their style really well?

    Anyhow, sorry for the small rant, but I would absolutely love to dive deeper into this topic as it truly fascinates me.