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Len Baird

    It is time well spent to line up the phase of the kicks and snares with the overheads, or in this case, the stereo drum track. I even flip the phase to make the waveform start upwards at the beginning if it is backwards. I have a phase meter pinned to the screen while I work on the drum phase. On this song, I didn't use a couple of the kicks because they were making it less in phase no matter how I screwed with them. I do this with no effects, and I render the tracks once I have the phase how I want. I use Studio One "mixtool" to flip the phase if it needs it before rendering.
    Warren covers this in one of his public youtube videos, there is more than one way to do it. I slide the tracks and use the cursor to line them up visually after zooming way in, and in Studio One I use "data zoom", to blow up the waveforms.