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Mark Warner

    Hi Tim,
    The format is a bit loose deliberately so. You have 2 digits for country, 3 for label (that's your unique identifier in this instance) 2 digits for the year (17) and five for the release number. Some people do use them sequentially which makes sense if you are EMI or Sony. I break the digits down further though I use the first 3 for a release number and the last 2 for track numbers. Once you have the release made you then add the release to your catalogue in PPL using the ISRC, Barcode, Catalogue number etc to register the release. You should also register it with PRS as well if you are one of the song writers.

    Recording rights belong to the person/label/organisation who paid for the recording to be made unless contractually agreed another way. You can submit the info early by specifying a later release date.

    BtW there are two types of PPL registration. Artist and Label. To have an ISRC code you have registered as a label. If you are a performer on a track you will also need to register as an Artist with PPL.

    I hope this is useful cheers Mark