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    How will you use EQ matching?

    Well, I’ve used Matching EQ for a track on a friends demo that was poorly recorded but reminded me of a specific Lenny Kravitz song. Lo and behold, that EQ curve did wonders for my friends track! However, it didn’t work at all on his other track so it’s hit & miss.

    I find it useful sometimes as an educational tool to compare the EQ curve of your own (finished) mix to that of a (similar) professional mix and then make your own adjustments. Not broad strokes, but individual tweaks.
    I never had much success using it on individual tracks though. For example, I haven’t been able to duplicate Kevin Killen’s bass sound on White Limousine. Maybe because it differs so much from track to track? Alas, no easy fixes… but let me know if you found a way to make it work! 😉

    Here are some YouTube links on the subject:
    Auto-Match EQ with MAutoDynamicEQ
    Dynamic Spectrum Mapper