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Pedro Pitta Groz

    Hello Kevin and everyone!

    As ever, there's no right or wrong, just the path you take to get the sound you want.
    Anyway, other thing to consider, if you put a reverb on the track, you wont be able to process furtherly that reverb independent of the source and some times I like to add distortion or compression or anything to just that reverb.
    I've been fighting with cpu too, with this crazy track counts. The crazy routing I came up with sometimes, doesn't help either. The cpu is a problem as it forces me to parallel thoughts regarding, when to freeze a certain track, how will I get back if something isn't working, and stuff like that. That puts me out of the mixing mind set. Ideas and work stop flowing.
    I'm trying some ideas to minimize the problem but, as always, it raises new questions and more things to learn. In Reaper, one thing is to mono the plugins that are in mono tracks. Go to the plugin pin conector and check just 1 for the left input, 1 and 2 for the left output. Trying to do an automatic bypass on plugins thru parameter modulation but haven't dig into it a lot and I'm not sure it will be practical to use.



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