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Johnny Fuller

    I liked what Graham Cochrane has put forth...
    Figure what you want to make an hour (He suggests starting around $25) multiplied by the average of how long it takes for you to mix a song and you can pad it by a couple of hours and then multiply that by how many songs in the project. Then give the customer that final figure as a package deal. If you finish early, the customer still pays the package price. If it takes longer, the client STILL pays the package price. (That means you need to get faster.) But both of you know what that package price is gonna be. They're excited cuz they know what they have to pay and you should collect half up front. You're excited because you have a goal and you know what you're gonna make. Give them a two (And two only) corrections on the mixes. They will use both (Unless Scott is doing it. Scotts mixing is VERY good!) Tell them all of this upfront.
    What do ya think.
    I paraphrased Graham, but that's the gist