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David Allen Hammond

    Thanks guys, I forgot to check the notify of follow up box, so my apologies for such a late response.
    ARTHUR, I'm really full-neanderthal when it comes to synth stuff. I'm using Reason for some stuff, lots of refill packs, also Arsenal with a trigger finger pro, but it's just ponderous. I think I need remedial lessons in all things not acoustic. I have quite a few samples and many loops, not made by me, although I have stuff I'd like to pull off of recordings I've made in the past. I'm just needing to do drum replacement without tab to transient, past etc...

    jspace24, the Trigga3 looks great, do you use it? I like That Sound, might sign up for that.

    spark240 - That is a cool offer, may go for it when I get a proper replacement plug-in. Thanks.

    Sh@t, should have started a new thread, thanks again for the suggestions.