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Mark Warner

    I still can't get the missing text into the above post so I am posting it here bekow.

    What you should instantly notice is that the background noise has gone from the looped section and if you unloop and continue to play into the vocal you will find that it has also gone from the vocal as well and it sounds very clean and clear with no gate artifacts.

    Things to be aware of - If you try to remove a noise which has a frequency close to one you need, it will effect the quality of the vocal.Try to remove as much as possible before using subtractive EQ by using low cut filters. The less the subtractive EQ has to remove the more natural it will sound.

    Below is a screen shot of the VST noise profile applied and before and after clips of my daughter doing a voice-over for film and TV. This was recorded using an sE2200t mic, 1073 pre - 1084 EQ with 160db low cut going through a DBX 560a and an 1176. My studio does not have an isolated sound booth but you would not necessarily know this from the processed recording.

    Cheers - Mark

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