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Jonathan Parker

    I typically have the Slate VBC rack with only one of the comps turned on. I'm still switching between them to see if I can find one I like best. The last few mixes were with the RED. I start with it around 2:1, not super fast attack, and auto release. I run the HPF up as high as it will go, and dial the mix knob back to 60% - 80%. No make-up gain. I only let it take 1-3db off the signal. And I use this as kind of a reference for what is happening, meaning, if the snare is the only thing pinging the compressor, I might go look at what I'm doing with the snare. I like to see the vocal and some snare triggering the comp.

    Then I run into Ozone 7. And I'll do all manner of things in there for volume sake. I don't turn this plugin on until the very end and it's just to give it some "hack mastering" for volume. I disable it if it's going to real mastering.

    After that I have the Studio One Limiter. Set to K-12 scale, and I'll push the mix into it till I'm getting little 1-2db catches.

    Oh yeah, then I'll put the Fabfilter ProQ in last just because I like to use the RTA on it. It's easier to look at than the ones in Ozone. That's just to give me an idea of the overall freq response. I don't EQ with it at that point. Or I'll use it to some band passing and A/B-ing type stuff. It's just used as a utility and then disabled.