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Warren Huart

    Great question regarding playing to a click! Here's the number tip I learned about teaching people to play to a click. Identify what they are doing are they 1) playing a head of it or 2) playing behind? If they are ahead of it, slow it down slightly so the artist is having to work even harder, just a beat then bring it back up 1 after a couple of clicks. Then do the opposite if they are too far behind, speed it up 1 click for a couple of takes then bring it back down. Do not tell them! Haha They will improve the feel and they most importantly will gain confidence!! Also try using shakers and tambourines. Great drummers like Victor Indrizzo and Matt Chamberlain will play a tambo or shaker part against a click so it feels just a little random, not specifically in time but also in velocity because nothing feels as bad and a rigid sound as well as a rigid tempo! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, Many thanks Warren