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Michael Hordorwich

    I'm a UAD fanatic and have spent way too much on them just like everything else as i own waves mercury and slate everything and all NI AND all izotope now but yes the 1073 makes it on every recording but seriously so does the Oxide like @chris sweet said. to me thats one of the most underrated plugs out there. Just got the cambridge and the cooper time cube as my latest additions and i have alot. Some i demoed and wont use as i have other that will do the trick but i know eventually i probably will cause to my ears i hear a difference in the uad plugs compared to all other companies. Maybe its because i use 3 apollo 8p's now and a uad 4-710d which is also my clock so maybe im biased as i spent so much on them also but with my satellites running i never run out of dsp and you can daisy chain them endlessly really. I have the worst addiction as i made a topic post about being a plugin addict lol. I have everything mostly even the free ones. I guess the only big ones i dont have any of is the fab filter stuff and i always hear great things about them but seriously this buying and having so many plugins has slowed me down and hindered my workflow and my mixes as i never stick to one combo anymore. Im trying hard to do that so good luck to you all and happy recording! Thanks, mike