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Devin Rodarte

    I really like the Tless 57. It kind highlights the air being pushed through the snare and other mid range stuff on guitar cabs. You lose a lot of gain from the mic... but then again you are usually using a 57 to mic something really loud haha (snare/guitar cab) so I haven't run into any issues with it. I would recommend doing it if you have at least 3 57's so you have options if you need two 57's with the transformer.

    I just took one of my 57's and got a soldering kit and pulled up a youtube video and did the mod myself. I have never used a soldering iron in my life and it was a pretty simple mod.

    With the baffles I go Kit ->(10-15ft) Baffle -> Mic with the capsule facing the kit. I have the mic like an inch or two from the baffle.