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    Oh no, I think there's a misunderstanding. I'm not saying you have to play precisely to a click or that you can't have tempo changes. Tempo changes can add a cool vibe to a song (e.g. raise the bpm in the choruses). Hmm, I guess I'm not explaining it right, but by great timing I mean that the musician feels where the beats are and can consciously or subconsciously play around that beat. And make it sound good and natural and musical.
    For an inexperienced musician that is having timing issues and the click still doesn't help, they just need to practice some more to sort it out. They can start by practicing to a click outside the recording studio to get used to it. Start with click on every beat and then remove click on beats 1 & 3, so they can really tighten up. If the song has specific tempo changes maybe plot it out in your DAW and bounce them an mp3 of it.
    After practicing like that for a few days or week they'll have much better timing and may possibly not use a click during recording. This is info that I learned from some serious session players which has worked for me, and hopefully it'll help others out there struggling with this.
    Cool stuff on the graphs of classic rock songs! I'll take a listen to your remix later tonight. Thanks!