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Jeff Macdonald

    How do you find the transformerless compared to the regular 57? I have been meaning to take apart on of my 57s for a while now but never find myself getting around to it.

    I don't think it's dumb at all to try to not use samples. It'll certainly get your recording chops built up a lot faster if you are not relying on replacing sounds. I still think there is a place for samples in many mixes and the listener's never going to know. But I am with you there, I try my best to get the drums down as they are going to be in the mix then add samples if needed.

    I am going to try your baffled room mic trick - are you going cardiod with the capsule pointed at the baffle? so Kit -> Baffle -> mic? I have been using ribbons in the room as they roll off the top, or eq, but if there's a way to save a step I am all ears!