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Devin Rodarte

    Im not the best at tracking drums.... It's truly an art form. But I've been using the Glyn Johns OH technique with two 214's. 57 on the rack tom and a D12 on the floor. For kick, I use a beta 52 inside with a cheap AT condenser of the outside. For snare I use a transformerless 57 and I sometimes use an under snare (hardly gets used in the mix). I then take an avantone ribbon mic and use it as a side snare(right over the kick facing the snare). The side snare mic adds a little more body to the snare and more attack to the kick... Just got to time adjust them. Most of the time I'll have a cheap MXL 840 pencil on the high hat that its mixed low.

    I use 2-3 mono room mics. I'll put my room microphones behind baffles because I like how it kills most of the higher cymbal frequencies. I'll usually place one towards the back of the room in front of the kit and another really low to the ground. I find them to be interesting elements for a drum mix.

    I kind of fused/stole these ideas from Jaquire King and Justin Meldel-Johnson (however you spell it).

    Also, Im probably dumb for doing this... But I really try to challenge myself by not using any sample on my drum mix unless the song truly calls for it. It would also help to upgrade some of my mics in the future = )