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Michael Hordorwich

    ok well jeff you already know my favs but hopefully this thread lights up for ideas we can use plus i already got alot from you thanks again. Basically if its my own kit which i spend alot of time preparing so its record ready i always use a beta 52 kick inside, kick out varies alot but usually a good large diaphragm condensor, i use SM81's on the OH's, 57 top snare, No bottom snare mic for me, dont like the sound and to me its just added noise but not saying i havent before and if done right can be usefull but if i do its another 57 in phase with the top 57, i use 421's on the toms and my setup now is 4 rack toms and a floor tom which all get 421's. For stereo room mics i use c414's and then and akg mono room mic, Going to try my mojave m200 valve on the mono room mic tomorrow again and see how it sounds cause she was expensive but my fav mic ive bought in a long time. Amazing on vocals. I have tons of mics and drums so alot of options and sometimes ill use the glyn johns technique also 4 mics only. Experimenting is key. I'm going to try jeff's technique for the snare as i only use the top so i may add his idea of coming in from the floor tom and micing the side of snare. I think this is going to work for me as i dont like the bottom and hearing the wires too much. Biggest thing i stress to anyone is dynamics and play to the song even if that mean using lighter or heavier sticks and or tuning to the song, be creative. Oh and i dont usually use a hi hat mic anymore as i get enough from my oh's imo but i have and it worked, i guess the best thing about that is i can pan the hats drummer perspective i always use and its cool so i think ill go back to micing as im recalling some early recordings i used it to great effect i think i just need to try a different mic to my liking, again thanks jeff for that. Well hope to hear any new fresh ideas as im always in search of many different ways to record and get better. Happy recording. Michael

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