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Michael Hordorwich

    I'm also setup at my new location with my drums. I put down some drum tracks and now it's the fun time jeff and toby, finding the sweet spots in the room for the room mics.I know you know what i mean as It can be fun but make you cringe at times especially when you get your drums setup perfectly with your own set and a client comes in and their drummer insists on using his own kit. I try to tell the drummer he can change the drum around a little and bring his own bass drum pedal and maybe a few cymbals but to please try my kit which is an awesome pearl with custom zildjan and paiste cymbals miced perfect and sounding great and sometimes they are just too stubborn. Funny story real quick sorry lol i had a guy bring in an old tama set with root toms and micing the rototoms took some time as he had old dead heads on them and it was the first time for me in the studio micing them but i got them sounding like neil pearts kit and on the 3 songs they played he never hit the darn rototoms once. I mean cmon what a waste of studio time although i didn't charge for setup back then but learned a big lesson. Anyways just had to tell you guys cause it was too funny. Let me ask you guys what is your goto's for micing the drum kit. For me always a 57 snare and hi hat actually and sm81's oh's, i like my c414's as rooms and beta 52 kick, i have 6 421's and use them on all toms. What are your favs?

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