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Michael Hordorwich

    Hi steve. I have the drawmer mc2.1 and spent i think $500 i got new but it was $599 i believe at the time but got discounts on lots of things cause i bought a huge package deal through sweetwater and spent a sick amount of money so on some stuff i got great deals. It was well worth yhe money as i use many different monitor sets abd now i use a sub which it has a sub out plus i use the headphones out for control room and the talkback mic too. The thing is superb and i think they make my monitors shine, Maybe cause i spent so much on it and its in my head but other people told me the same thing. Actually i couldnt live without it now. You prolly dont need the 3.1 to me at 900 bucks the 2.1 at 500 is way better. Anyways sorry for long answer but all i can say is that its built great and has great features! Definitely recommend the mc2.1 or actually any drawmer product as everything ive tried by them is great. Take it easy steve. Happy new year. Sincerely, michael