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Andrew Mckenzie

    Hiya mate, I'm trying to get myself into good habits early on by following a few steps in "preparing" a session for mixing but I've never actually altered any of the tracks before hand.

    For me, it's the process of importing the raw tracks in wave format to the virtual SSL console (sorry...using Reason) and then gain staging each track to peak about -10 while keeping all the faders at zero. This way I end up with a good level at the top of the chain so no worries with clipping into anything else.....Then arrange and colour code the tracks and add a sub bus where needed.

    Once that's done then the fun can start by adding whichever effects are required and getting stuck into the rest. 🙂

    I know that Reason is quite a bit different to the other DAWS but the principle would be the same I reckon, I've watched other guys that use pro tools and setup templates etc to add a trim plugin on every track at the top to accomplish the same kind of thing....the idea being to tame the incoming track at the trim rather than the faders (which doesn't actually alter the signal coming in to the top of the chain....if I remember correctly)

    It will be interesting to get some more feedback from others. 🙂